Salvage, rebuildable & ready to drive cars & trucks for sale.

2015 Ram
$17,900   Sikeston, MO
2020 Mercedes-Benz
$89,900   Sikeston, MO
2017 Jeep
$14,900   Des Moines, IA
2014 Ram
$9,900   Sikeston, MO
2013 Chevrolet
Call for Price   Des Moines, IA
2016 Chevrolet
$26,900   Des Moines, IA
2020 Keystone
$39,950   Harrisburg, SD
2017 Lincoln
Call for Price   Madison, WI
2005 Toyota
Call for Price   Madison, WI
2009 Chevrolet
$25,995   Madison, WI
2011 Lincoln
$6,995   Plaistow, NH
2015 Ram
$37,900   Benton, MO
2017 Nissan
$7,995   Plaistow, NH
2014 Nissan
$10,900   Des Moines, IA
2011 Infiniti
$6,995   Plaistow, NH
2018 BMW
$27,900   Des Moines, IA
2015 Lexus
$12,950   Grand Prairie, TX
2013 FORD
$7,975   Harrisburg, SD
2018 Toyota
$27,900   Des Moines, IA
2016 Ford
$13,500   Plaistow, NH
2020 GMC
$29,900   Dexter, MO
2019 Mitsubishi
$4,350   Grand Prairie, TX
2019 Kia
$12,900   Benton, MO
$1,750   Des Moines, IA
1998 Chevrolet
Call for Price   Madison, WI
2020 Ford
Call for Price   Des Moines, IA
2014 Ford
Call for Price   St. James, MO
2008 Ford
Call for Price   Madison, WI
2012 Ram
$34,900   Benton, MO
2018 Ram
$29,900   Jefferson City, MO
2017 Ford
$39,900   Des Moines, IA
2020 Subaru
$19,900   Des Moines, IA
$7,500   Harrisburg, SD
$21,900   Madison, WI
2019 Jeep
$9,900   Grand Prairie, TX
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Rebuildable, repairable salvage & clean title cars, trucks, SUVs, vehicles & motorcycles.

Welcome to ProSalvage, a digital car lot where you can browse, shop and choose your next vehicle. Available to the public or to dealers, you can search our affordable, clean title, salvage title, rebuildable cars and trucks, repairable vans and SUVs, plus ready-to-drive vehicles. By using our easy-to-use search features, you can find salvage cars, rebuildable trucks, or repairable vehicles at a fraction of the cost of retail. You’ll find wholesale prices on salvage, rebuilt and parts only cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs; and since ProSalvage is marketed globally, buyers from around the world are welcome. The ready-to-drive page has a full range of available automobiles plus you also have access to “parts only” vehicles.

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